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Wellhead Audit and Remedial Services

Well Audit and Remedial Services

Well Audit

BTI Services now offers well auditing to assist clients in identifying deteriorative or non-conformance issues related to air-to-surface pipe corrosion, wellhead configuration or installation and mechanical conditions related to the functionality of the components. 

The audit is a visual inspection with the added feature of a non-destructive testing (NDT) capability for measuring wall thickness remaining in identified areas of concern.  The focus of the audit is to examine conductor, exposed casing and all wellhead components to ensure pressure bearing qualities are not undermined by unknown corrosion conditions or substandard maintenance practices.

BTI personnel will provide detailed wellhead drawings and detailed documentation identifying Immediate Concerns, Suggestions, and Recommended Actions.  All findings are based on API and industry standards to identify deficiencies and provide resolutions in an attempt to prevent any safety incident or potential environmental event due to equipment failure.

Wellhead Audit

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